Wednesday, November 23, 2011


thank-ful-ness Adj: The consciousness of being grateful for what has been received.

My Thankfulness List

*My Family.  I put this first, because without my husband and my children, my life would be meaningless-pointless-and empty.  The 7 people who live in my house with me have seen me at my worst....And they still love me.  They encourage me,e very single day...Even on the days when life just seems overwhelming and un-winnable.
-Specifically, my husband...who for whatever reason, loves me despite all of my "flaws".

*GOD.  Normally I would have put Him first...But without my family and the joy they bring to me...I HIGHLY doubt that there would be any sign of God in  my life.  God has also seen me at my worst.  He has seen me doubt Him, question Him, get angry with Him and even at times turn my back on Him...But yet, He is always there, ready for me to come back to Him.

*My Church Family.  There are those few that I have connected with on a deeply spiritual level.  You know who you are...I appreciate your encouragement more than I could possibly express with words. I LOVE YOU.

*Children's Hospital.  We met in July of 2010 and you embraced our family, and ALL of its medical needs without hesitation.  Your quick and thorough care of my daughter Bailey has been amazing.  You have touched every single member in my family in such a wonderfully positive way.

*Make-a-wish, Starlight Foundation, There with Care, FISH, Once Upon A Child.  Your organizations are priceless in the way they have touched my family.  You all give in selfless ways and we truly appreciate everything!

*Facebook/Blog.  This has been such a wonderful tool, to be able to connect with literally THOUSANDS of families who are dealing with Neurofibromatosis.  Three years ago, when I began the whole Thriving thing, I never imagined that it would become what it is today!  Thank you all for your wonderful feedback.  I hope that I can continue to represent A Thriving Life, and be an example of what it means to Speak and Live a positive attitude.

I wish all of you a wonderful, safe, blessed Thanksgiving.  
Thank YOU, for blessing my life with your friendship.

Thrive On!

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