Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thriving with NF is Changing...Forever!

Yes. It's true.

I'll still talk about NF, don't worry. I'll still share updates on my family. I'll still rant.

But to truly Thrive with NF, life must be about MORE than NF! It's been too easy for me to keep a very narrow focus these last few years. There's so much to talk about in the world of Neurofibromatosis. But there's also the rest of life.

My daughter playing the violin. How to handle the madness of the holidays. That story of me throwing myself down the stairs I keep meaning to write.

I'll be honest though. I've been a bit fearful. Afraid that you won't really care about my life outside NF. Ridiculous, right? 

On my website, there's a video where I and my family repeat the mantra "I have NF, but NF doesn't have me!" 

Starting tomorrow, when I might finally write that stairs story (or not), "This blog has NF, but NF doesn't have this blog!" Because my life, and your life, is so much bigger, so much better, than our diagnosis.

Thrive on!


  1. Amen sweetie... your such a clutz...

    love ya.. keep being you.. its you who we love.. who i love.. your stories . nf related or not. those who care will always read... and not judge.. those who judge. will get what comes to them.. dont be afraid to say what you want, its your blog, your life, your choice!

    i love ya to pieces.


  2. Yes! I can't wait to hear more.