Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazy Hair Day!

It's Spirit Week at the kids' school - and today was the BEST day of all - CRAZY HAIR DAY!!  I spent the morning getting the kids gelled-up and pony-tailed while also keeping an eye on the time...'Cuz today is also yet another 'Chemo Day'.

My mind was split, focusing on the school kids, who were so excited to show off their crazy look, and Bailey who was lathering up her chest in Lidocaine. In the few free seconds I had, my mind found itself returning back to my own 6th grade 'Spirit Week'.

I remembered doing my own hair for "Crazy Hair Day." Bows, gel, braids, and even more gel. It was a pretty awesome sight, let me tell you!  That is - until I got to school.  

As I got out of my stepmothers car and slammed the door I scanned the mass of kids.  NO ONE had "Crazy Hair", but they WERE wearing all their clothes backwards!  I reached back for the door of the car, but it wasn't there. All I could see were tail lights, 
seemingly laughing at me as they glimmered in the distance!

I was STUCK!

I raced to the bathroom and looked into the mirror, trying to come up with SOME kind of solution to my dilemma.  I bit my lower lip  and squinted my eyes...A-HA!

I pulled my arms inside of my shirt, and turned it around. The tag immediately started bothering me, so I ripped it off.  
I looked at my reflection, declaring with confidence
"I AM the true definition of Backwards Day,"

When I got made fun of for Crazy Hair day being TOMORROW, not TODAY....I just laughed, and said, "I know, DUH, it's backwards day, and I decided to do things BACKWARDS!"

Today - I constantly find myself in situations, where I have to modify how I look at things - and how I decide to react to them.

A lot of people think I'm a bit backwards to declare I'm Thriving with NF. That's OK. At least they haven't said anything about my hair! :)

 Thrive on!

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