Monday, February 20, 2012

Tim Tebow and Neurofibromatosis

It's not often when a true heart comes through in a celebrity.  Someone who cares about his fans and lives up to a standard, that is worth looking up to.

Last week, I had the privilege to read a story about a young girl who is battling Neurofibromatosis and had a wish to meet Tim Tebow...And thanks to the "Tebow Foundation" Presli, got her wish!  

Story is HERE

Am I going too far in saying that Tim Tebow is a hero?  I don't think so. Hero means to possess extraordinary qualities or to perform an outstanding act that helps others. A hero inspires people... that's exactly what Tim does.

I am not one of those, who is just waiting for Tim for fall, or to do something stupid...I am one who is rooting for him and supporting him, because I believe this guy is for real.  He has a true heart of gold, and I am proud to be a fan!

Thanks Tim, for being a hero, to so many!


  1. This is so cool!!! He is my favorite and in fact I'm wearing my Team Tebow shirt from his foundation today :)

    1. he is really a hero coz true hero strength is measured by his heart...GOD BLESS u tim.

  2. I think he's one of my new favorite celebrities.