Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Who Do YOU Affect?

So, I get this call from our case manager.  The woman who is IN CHARGE of all the approvals or denials involved with our family.  I highly doubt this woman has any idea how important she is...In our reality, she plays God.
We are in the middle of a complete case review...This means submitting ALL financial records; bank statements, bills-Anything money related.  Short from my blood type, this woman knows me better than anyone! (On second thought, she probably knows my blood type too)

Anyway...She began asking me questions about out financial "status" and how things are going.  "Your bank records show me that ..."   I cut her off, telling her that our financial life was basically at a stand still...Until we can ensure the life of our daughter.


"I don't like what the bank statements say either." I told her.  "It's our reality and somehow, God sees us through!" :)

She knows all about Bailey; the tumor, the crazy steps we took to secure medical insurance, the chemo...The ups and downs of this treatment...

I heard sniffling and when she responded I could tell she was crying...

This woman, who deals with hundreds of cases --if not thousands, began asking questions about Bailey.  She asked about the tumor--where it is, what kind it is, and what was the prognosis.

I told her that we were one of the "lucky ones".....

"How can you possibly say that", she asked me...

" 'Cuz....Bailey is still here...Still smiling...Still relatively healthy...And THAT'S what I choose to focus on."

She says "God Bless You!" and tells me that my case will be done in a few days...Then wishes me luck for all I am dealing with.

THIS...is just one of the MANY reasons, our family CHOOSES to THRIVE.  Because THRIVING doesn't just affect those who choose to do it...It affects EVERYONE you come in contact with!

Who are YOU going to affect today?



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  2. I just wanted to share my story of dealing with NF with you!