Monday, February 6, 2012

Update on Bailey

This is how we do Chemo.  From DAY 1, Bailey has gone into her infusions, with a smile on her face.  I am so proud of her!  Not ONCE did she whine or cry about having to be stuck with needles!

Below, are the many faces of our chemo appointments---Enjoy!

 (Making Prank Calls @ Chemo)

 (Before Infusion Starts)

 (E-E-E-O-O Being Silly @ Chemo!)

In waiting room, giving a "Thumbs Up!" 

  (Tired of Mom ALWAYS having to take chemo pics)

(A "bad" day.  A visit to Urgent Care, for IV fluids and a emergency MRI) 

 (Goof Ball)

(A Happy Camper)

Bailey once said..."I know that God is with me...I know that sometimes you have to go through the dark, to eventually get to the light....and this is just my dark time."

Such an amazing quote, from an even more amazing girl....I sometimes wish I had Bailey's faith and simple out look on life.  To her, chemo isn't the "end of the world"...It's simply one road, that will get her to the next.

Bailey has lost about 15 pounds, lost a few handfuls of hair, feels tired MOST of the time, and has ingested a couple bottles of Zofran (not all at once of course).  But overall, she has felt pretty "normal". 

We have our "bad days", our "scary days", even our "angry days"....But instead of focusing on those days, we appreciate them, because it helps give us a platform to stand on, to reach for those better days.

Bailey has less than 2 months left of her year long chemo treatments left....And while we are ending chemo, with  tumors still inside my child's brain, we are hopeful for a bright future.  We will continue to practice what we preach and take one day at a time.

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