Tuesday, July 9, 2013


What does it take to be heard?  To be noticed?  

Sometimes...It takes NO VOICE at all to get people to pay attention to you....But there are also those times when you could be screaming with all the energy you have, and  people couldn't care less.

This week my 8 year old son had his belt testing  in Karate.

The week previous, his instructors told Riker exactly what he needed to work on to earn his new belt.  They were clear and direct with him, making sure he knew, that if he didn't work on those things...He would not pass his test.


So...Riker went home...


He was practicing EVERYWHERE!  

In the pool....At the splash pad...The backyard

He was determined to earn his belt, and did what it took to make that happen.

I found myself watching Riker test....Nervous.  Not that he'd fail....I just wanted his hard work to pay off.

Not only did Riker PASS his belt test...But he was recognized for how determined he was.

Sometimes, it doesn't seem worth it...To be recognized for something, but just imagine the difference we could make, if everyone had a positive determination to be heard!  

Even with NF...For how devastating it CAN be...It can be equally HOPEFUL to have voice that not only teaches....But provides a LIGHT for people to look to.

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