Friday, July 12, 2013

Friends Of Jaclyn

In 2011, just after Bailey was diagnosed with her 2nd brain tumor, that required immediate chemotherapy, I was told about this really great website.  I clicked on the site and was drawn into a story about a selfless little girl named Jaclyn.

Jaclyn's wish for other kids to experience a relationship with a new kind of family fascinated me.  While battling malignant brain cancer, Jaclyn was adopted by a college lacrosse team, becoming an honorary member!
A lift in spirits for a little girl, fighting such monstrous war.

Tears fell as I continued to read the story of courage and hope that emanated from Jaclyn...And while I was hesitant to sign our family up, I knew in my heart that my daughter's spirits were low and she desperately needed something that I could not give her.

When I was writing our own story, to introduce our family, it felt as if I was writing about some other child, as Bailey's diagnosis was still fairly new, and I hadn't had the chance to digest all that we were facing.

It wasn't long before we were contacted by Friends of Jaclyn and I was able to learn more about what exactly they do.

Since my daughter wasn't "passionate" about any particular sport...One was chosen for us.  A women's Lacrosse team in Denver.  I had no idea what to expect, but we were soon contacted by the team, and a first meeting was set up!

Our entire family (all EIGHT of us) was invited to the teams first home game!

Bailey was a little overwhelmed by the welcome she got, but it was amazing!  Posters, balloons, and high-fives....Not to mention a buffet-style "Welcome Breakfast".  A new kind of family indeed!  

As an "honorary member" of the team, Bailey was given her own locker, that was decorated and filled with really cool Lacrosse gear.  Bailey knew nothing about Lacrosse, but soon was invited on the field to learn all about the sport.

We weren't always able to go to the home games, due to appointments, or Bailey's low blood counts, but the team always stayed in touch with us.  I was so impressed with the genuine love that was expressed for my daughter. 

Bailey has connected with most of the team on Facebook and has truly made friends for life!

Over Christmas this year, our family was blessed by the team when they adopted us and bought gifts.  I never expected this outcome and the relationships that would form when I first contacted FOJ, and I am eternally grateful for being able to witness a transformation in the spirit of my daughter.

Thank You sweet Jaclyn, for your sweet and generous wish.  Your desire and passion to make other children happy, has changed our family forever!

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  1. Very interesting story I wonder did the Jaclyn girl survive? Regardless if you survive cancer or not a good support team like these lacrosse players is good to have. Lastly how is that lacrosse sport played?