Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our KRAZY Summer

Boy...Summer is FLYING by!  I keep saying how I can't wait for it to end, and for the kids to go back to school...But, I think I am starting to regret ever saying this.

Put aside the constant complaints of being bored...Or how it's too hot inside the house.  Forget that there is never enough food in the house....Or that the pool is too far away (basically just around the corner)  The constant fighting over whose turn it is on the PS3...Or the "Her stuff is touching MY stuff"....

Ok...Wait.....This Blog post isn't going the way I thought it would.....

Truly....I am loving Summer.  The days when I don't have anywhere to go, anything to do, anyone else's kids to watch...Those days where it's all about SUMMER!

Sleeping late--Squirting each other with the hose--Being lazy

Those days when the kids aren't fighting--Or complaining
(These days are rare, but DO happen)

I know that when Summer ends, and the kids are all in school and the house is quiet....That I'll miss them.  I'll miss the chaos -- and craziness.  But really....The KRAZY in our home never ends...It just gets replaced and rearranged.

My goal for the rest of the Summer is to just enjoy it.  My kids are growing up so fast--TOO FAST, and I sometimes allow myself to get so wrapped up in all the STUFF that is going on, that I forget to stop--SLOW DOWN and look around at all the good stuff happening.

Bailey has been "OFF CHEMO" for 6 months.  This is a good thing!  It means she is considered STABLE.  Stable in the tumor world is fabulous!  She is growing into a BEAUTIFUL young woman who has a GIANT HEART!  Bailey has begun babysitting...and I think...Has found a passion for working with children!  Kids love her...and she is patient and kind (even after dealing with her 5 siblings!)  
I am so proud of her! 

Braden is growing and changing so much, that sometimes, when I hear him talking in another room...I get freaked out that some strange man has entered our home!  He'll be a Sophomore this year - which just blows my mind!  Braden is a video game addict who impresses me with how he can figure out how to complete an entire game in just a few days. 

Riley has probably changed the most.  Not just with her hair and wardrobe...But with her grown-up type attitude. (Not a bad thing)  She wants to grow up so badly...And I think she puts this pressure on herself to be something she isn't quite ready to be....Or maybe she IS ready...and it's ME that's not ready?  
She will be starting Middle School....MIDDLE SCHOOL!  I can't believe it.  She too has begun babysitting...She is excellent with kids and so badly wants some independence...For her...This means HEAR OWN MONEY!

Rachel...Still a tiny, ball of thunder and lightening.  My "Perfect Storm".  I LOVE Rachel's spirit...But WOW...It can be a lot to handle sometimes!  I don't "blame" any of Rachel's "issues" on her SPD, or NF...We just accept that Rachel is Rachel.  Beautifully and Wonderfully made. :)
She will be a 5th grader this year.  Gosh, I remember walking her into Kindergarten....Seems like yesterday. Rachel's "spunky spirit" has been amazing to watch.  She has never let her challenges get her down...Always the first to raise her hand...Always with a smile...Even went the answers are wrong.

Riker...He will be starting a NEW and in HIS words "SMART SCHOOL".  As Riker explains it...His old school doesn't keep up with how smart he is....So he is going to a school that knows just how smart he is.  Don't worry...We are keeping his ego in check....But THIS kind of confidence is important.  He IS in fact smart....And his new school will pay close attention to this...I can't wait to see him grow AND be challenged!
Riker is testing for his Red belt in Karate...Which means, he is now able to kick MY butt....As well as anyone who dares to challenge him.  (within reason)  He always remembers the "Black Belt Creed" tho...
"I will only fight, to protect MY life...Or the lives of others!"

Brooklyn--Sweet, Feisty, Artistic Brooklyn. The last of the KRAZY BUNCH!  A FIRST GRADER!  Boy do I feel OLD!  This girl is amazing.  At 5 yrs old, she can carry on a conversation, that most adults would envy.  She knows EXACTLY what she wants...AND how to get it....(Her beautiful eyes--batted a few times, is all it takes)  Brook's Kindergarten teacher labeled her as "gifted and incredibly social"....Gee...I WONDER who she takes after?

My family ... The greatest gift I have ever been given.
Now ... My goal is to live my life with my eyes wide open.



  1. Did so send any of your kids to a summer camp? My parents only twice sent me and I never got to go to the NF camp in Utah I asked about.volunteering at the NF camp and I must still pay 300 dollars. I once babysat well work at a summer camp for 2 summers in high school 2007 and 08

    1. YES> My 2 older kids have done the UTAH NF camp a few times. We took this year off.
      I have also inquired about becoming a counselor...BUt was told I must commit to 6 weeks --which includes ALL levels of camp...not just NF....
      Patrice never once told me that I would need to PAY to be a volunteer....
      I would inquire again...Perhaps whoever u contacted was confused about what u wanted to do.
      I am proud of you, for wanting to volunteer....Don't give up....and maybe, check into other camps!

      IN AUGUST I am volunteering at Round Up River Ranch....A camp here in COLORADO for kids with life threatening illnesses....I get a room, food and all the fun I can handle---Its pretty awesome!