Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who Takes Care of Mommy?

I just got off the phone with MY Neurologist.  Yes...I do have a Neurologist...And I have been avoiding him for almost 2 yrs.  (At least that's what the scheduler said when I made my appnt)

It doesn't feel that long...In fact, I have totally forgotten the fact that he said he needed me back in a year, for a follow up MRI.


Like an overgrown garden, filled with weeds...Life sometimes gets overwhelming.  Just the thought of going outside to start the "weeding process"....makes me feel like I am on an endless spin of a merry-go-round.


Where I don't have to think about NF, DR Appnts, headaches, tumor pain, tumor growth etc etc etc

(And this is just my kids....And Oh Yeah....I have NF too.)

My husband said to me yesterday...."My mom didn't realize you had a brain tumor."
(She's here from Washington, for a visit)

REALLY?  I've been married to Rich for 14 yrs....I've talked endlessly about NF and ALLLL the issues it has caused....Did I really never mention this?  

I rarely post updates about myself....Mostly because, I feel "fine" and my NF has stayed fairly quiet
***Knocks on Wood***

But I do in fact have a brain tumor.

I also have non-treatable Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.

I have blogged about this, but the posts are WAY back, and have probably been forgotten about.

When my husband told me that his mom had "no idea" I had a brain tumor...It sent mixed feelings.  

1. I am GLAD that I am not one who mentions her every ailment in every conversation I have.

2.  I guess I hadn't fully explained our "situation" in a way that was understood

3.  I guess I don't "act" like a person with a brain tumor and hydrocephalus

So there it is.   Time to take care of Mommy.  
Time to be more open, more honest and get out there and pull some weeds!
After all...Even the most beautiful of gardens don't get that way on their own.


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  1. I love everything about u. U are sweet and kind and take time for people who have questions. I met u at the NF walk in Denver and I wish I lived closer to you. YOU ARE AN NF HERO!!