Friday, July 12, 2013

Update on Weightloss

I'm not a stupid woman.  I knew I was FAT.  I knew I was unhealthy and headed in the direction of diabetes and heart disease....But frankly, I didn't care.  People knew I had a lot going on, and understood.  I had my "BUILT-IN" excuse for drive-thru lunches and dinners from a can.

I still had my "THRIVING" attitude...So what difference did it make that I was 100 pounds overweight?

Well...I'll tell you...

Living a "THRIVING LIFE" doesn't just stop at me having a good attitude about living with an incredible frustrating disorder.  It means living beyond NF, and setting an example in ALL aspects of my life.

What good was I doing anyone...Being so overweight, talking a BIG talk about being happy and content, when I really wasn't....?

My "built-in excuses".....You know what I did with those?  I transformed them into challenges!

Yeah....I'm "too busy" with medical appnts -MRI's, blood draws, chemotherapy and dealing with side affects- to fit in ANY exercise...I have Soooo much going on, that I couldn't possibly follow a meal plan and STICK to it!


If you want something BAD enough...People find a way to get it.

So...I changed everything about the brain-washed - pathetic way I was living my life.  Got OFF my butt and DID SOMETHING!

I didn't start HUGE, with some magic pill.  I didn't starve myself to death.  I didn't even go out and join a gym (I did eventually tho)

It ALL started by changing my MIND.  Changing ALL those built-in excuses I had been relying on my ENTIRE LIFE.  It started by shutting out the part of me, that was saying I wasn't worth it.

After all, that's how Thriving with NF was born...And it worked out pretty good!

So...How am I REALLY doing it?  How have I lost 89 pounds?  What's the "magic solution?"

Seriously...I am low-carbing and getting my butt moving!  Yeah, NF may slow me down, but it will never stop me.  NF has affected my entire life....Controlled me and lied to me for TOO LONG!


  1. Kristi I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work. Love you Susie

  2. Congratulations on your success, Kristi. You should be very proud!

    - Dawna Bate

  3. I am skinny by doing alot of walking and that is my exercise give it a try. Also do not deny yourself good food just eat less and a healthier version. Here is example. Turkey sliders with mustard and sweet potatoe fries anyone?

    1. I walk. I kickbox. I swim. And I'm not denied anything. Low carb keeps me full and healthy.