Monday, November 30, 2009

Everytime I 'Turn Around, Tuesday'

Ahhh, the sweet joys of parenting. There never ever seems to be a dull moment in our home. Whether it's the Swine Flu, Pink Eye, breaks, bruises, bloody noses, bonks on the head, or in our most recent ordeal, a sprained ankle, something is always happening here at home.
(You Facebookers know what I'm talking about, if you follow my status updates...LOL)
Bailey, decided she "needed" more attention, and went and fell down at church on Sunday. Well...It was more than a fall, it was more like a **Bonk**Slip**tumble**twist**Splat!
That seems the best way to get Mommy's FULL on Attention. :)
(If they only knew)
Poor Bailey couldn't get up to walk down the stairs, so I had her slumped over my shoulder, basically carrying her the whole way.

My initial reaction was that Bailey was REALLY over dramatizing this whole thing, and just needed some time to cool off and hang with me. But when that didn't work...I knew something was up.

Xrays would show no break in her bones, but upon examination, it was clear that she had pulled and possibly tore some tendons in her foot and ankle.

Luckily....*TADA* I pulled out the crutches from my own broken foot back in Feb 2008, and proudly handed them down to Bailey (awwwww like mother like daughter)

With a family THIS large, there is no time to rest. I am constantly on my guard for the next thing to happen. Don't get me wrong, I love my family to pieces and would much rather be busy doing this stuff, then doing nothing at all. But sometimes I wonder when all the craziness will stop. When will all this "bad stuff" end?

Stuff happens, life happens...and the truth is, the "bad stuff" will never end. But we can add a bunch of GOOD STUFF to the bad stuff, to make it more bearable, right?

I dedicate this set of clips, courtesy of America's Funniest Video's, to my daughter Bailey! I love you more than life itself. You know when to take a bad thing, and turn it into something good.

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  1. im am turning 16 oin the first of january and i was diagnosed with nf when i was 5 years old and i just want you to know that u are very inspiring and i thank you for keeping a blog and i have read ur book and its amazing i allways have you kids in my prayers that their health will get better :)