Thursday, November 5, 2009


Open WIDE!

Today I took Bailey into the hospital to have tonsil/adnoid surgery. The doctors also put in ear tubes in.

Poor Bailey has had to deal with so much pain over that last few years. We FINALLY found a DR. who listened! (Imagine That!)

The surgery was sooo fast, and Bailey did amazing! She is dealing with quite the sore throat though.

We stocked up on yogurt, ice cream, apple sauce and bananas. And I'm thinking she is enjoying the attention. :)

We saw her tonsils, after the surgery and they were some of the worst the doctor has seen. VERY infected and BIG! :( I felt bad that we hadn't pushed harder, earlier.

Anyways ... She is home and resting....and she has 5 brothers and sisters, to wait on her hand and foot.

My Thriving Thursday is for my little brave! She was so afraid of the surgery, the IV....but she pushed through it. She did not let her fear take her!!

I love you, Bailey Boo! You are my brave young woman!

(((((BUG HUGS))))

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  1. I have cryptic tonsils and had my adenoids out in middle school. My tonsils frequently get food stuck in them and I get sore throats, nasal issues and horrible earaches. I have been trying to let them heal up on their own since I was diagnosed 2 years ago. I finally decided I need to go get them out. If your little girl can be brave then so can I. I hope she has a fast recovery : )