Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!

50 MORE things for ME to be THANKFUL for

*Being able to walk into ANY church and worship
*Children's honest, sometimes too honest words
*NIH and Dr Stewart and Sarah Coombes
*Mini Vans
*Bear Hugs
*"This lil' Piggie'
*Squirt guns
*My Camera
*Pain medication
*Cable TV
*People who really know how to listen
*Throwing off my Inhibition
*Anticipation of Christmas
*boxes of chocolates
*Mended Friendships
*endless possibilities
*Old People
*Seeing the value in something
*Museums, that hold precious art
*Being able to laugh and cry at the same time
*flannel sheets
*home-made Choc chip cookies
*Fresh starts
*I am loved
*I am supported
*I got to meet MANY famous people
*Having Neurofibromatosis has opened doors for me
*I am getting done with my book
*Finding a Dream
*A good book
*The noise level of the house, even though it drives me crazy--one day I will miss it.
*My hubby who enables me some "quiet time" to think
*Being able to write freely
I'm sure I have 100 more things I am Thankful for, but for now I am just Thankful to be be me. To be a Wife, and a Mother. I am beyond blessed.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

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