Monday, November 9, 2009

Motivational Monday

What Motivates Me?

I've been emailed a few times about my blog, and about the way I have chosen to look at my life with Neurofibromatosis. Most of the comments I receive are very positive and I appreciate that so much. But there are few who question my positive choice. I'm not sure if they don't believe I actually live like this, or if they have so much negativity in their own life, that they just feel the need to spread it around.

I know all about Neurofibromatosis. I know about the brain tumors, loss of vision, loss hearing, chronic pain, scoliosis, body tumors, headaches, dizziness, learning disorders.

Even with all of that....I dream. I care about all the little things in life, that make life worth living. I believe in miracles. I believe in laughing when you are sad, and crying when you are happy.

Everyone has the power of choice, so why not use it for something that will propel you forward? If your life is spent focusing on the negativity, that's exactly what your life will bring you. NF sucks, there is no doubt about it. Give the power of your mind a chance to fight this disorder. Changing your perception of something doesn't change the something, but it does change the events around the something....It can make dealing with NF a little easier--who wouldn't want that?

The challenges we face in this life, build our character. The challenges reveal our strengths....or our weaknesses. Shakespeare wrote, "There is nothing good nor bad but thinking makes it so." Changing the way you choose to focus on your challenges can make the difference in if you are Thriving...or just Surviving.


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  2. And to add to that quote here is one by henry david thoreau:And to aDreams are the touchstones of our character"

  3. Hey Kristi - I also get mixed responses to my attitude. I only just started truly noticing recently. Sometimes it's as if people think I am not for real or something. I don't understand it at all. You are right though, and I love your message. Happiness is a choice, and we are more than the sum of our illnesses or conditions or symptoms. We are living, breathing, dreaming, human beings who have it in our power to make life a little easier for someone else - even if it's just by choosing to be happy :) Keep on keeping on!!!

  4. We were talking as a support group a month or so ago about being asked about our NF. would we rather people sit and stare or be asked.. the majority of us said we would openly share of asked. I find my attitude depends on the day.

    I try to maintain a positive out look on living with NF, even tho i know we all have the days where its like WTF , this sucks i hate it.

    that being said i think the way you deal with NF is great, its great to see someone who you know can make the best of the worst.

    Keep it up!