Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday

When I was first diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis, I found it hard to be thankful for anything. I was mad, and angry. Falling into a depression, just as my mother had, years before. For a long time, I had denied the fact I had NF. I was ashamed and embarrassed, because I knew accepting it meant not only the fact that I had I life long disorder, but also, that I may be more like my brother than I thought.

I struggle everyday trying to live a gracious and positive life, but I sure feel better about things when I do. I have seen the flip side of how things turn out, when one is angry and resentful. My mother was left feeling lost and feeling hopeless. She had no one to help guide her out of the darkness. I see how this has affected her life, and it helps to push me into feeling more hope filled and positive.

If you are struggling with Neurofibromatosis, or any other disorder, it's sometimes hard to find things to be thankful. But being thankful opens us up to receiving all kinds of wonderful blessings. When in a state of gratefullness, we acknowledge our true selves and radiate this energy to others.

Being thankful isn't just being nice and sweet and saying please and thank you. It's so much more than that. When you are thankful, you are experiencing the feeling of true gratefulness. Appreciating the things in your life that touch your core means you acknowledge your true blessings.

I remember a few years ago Oprah had something on her show that she called a "Thankfulness Journal". This is just a place to write down events and blessings that come your way. I'm sure her journal is much thicker than mine, but that's okay! :) She doesn't have the six kids that wake her up every morning and the 4 yr who "wipes in" all mommy's kisses.

Keeping a journal, when you are dealing with illness is especially important because the ups and downs can come and go so swiftly. It's important to see both the good and the bad side of things, as to be able to appropriately appreciate the blessings that come your way.

This Thursday and next will be a list of 50 things I am THANKFUL for! I hope and pray your Holidays are filled with hope and gratefulness. I hope you have people in your life, to guide you out of the darkness. If not, take my hand, I'm here for you.

50 Things I am Thankful for
Being a Mommy
The Sunrise
Blowing Bubbles
Painting My Children's Toe Nails
Being a Friend
Being Able to Dream
Living in this House
Having True Friends
Being able to Start to Write a Book
Being a Nice Person
Being able to see a Doctor when I need to
The Seasons
Rain on my Face
Warm Feet
Seeing Wild Deer in our Back Yard
FaceBook (I love you guys)
Kids who go to school! (giving mommy a break)
The Stars (They are Amazing up here in Deer Park)
Hard times
The first Snow
When people think of others before themselves
The smell of Campfires
Being ME
Playing in the Rain
Doing Nothing
Family Time
Pancake Saturdays
Being Pregnant
Giving Birth
Diet Pepsi
Comfy Pants
Going for a Walk
Roller Coasters
Reese's PeanutButter Cups
Pizza Delivery
Better yet--Chinese Delivery!!
Following Footprints
paying off a bill
Full Moons
Laying under a Shade tree in the Summer
Raking Leaves
Jumping in the Leaves
Long Drives
Taking Pictures

Go forth and be THANKFUL!

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