Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have Faith.

In the game of life...the odds are often stacked against us.  Pressure. Fear. Anxiety, are knocking at your door.  You have a choice to make.  You can chose to doubt yourself and gripped by fear...or choose to believe you have what it takes to overcome it.

Today TWO of my children will be at the Children's Hospital in Aurora Colorado.  I am finding myself fearful of this visit.  My mind fluttering with "what ifs".

It's normal to dread the results of an upcoming medical tests...But what good does dreading it do?

I come from a LONG line of worriers, so it's only natural that I follow suit, right?  Nope!  I'm all about breaking the cycles I grew up with.

While I do still worry and dread....I don't make my life all about that.  It takes work to refocus your mind and to expect the best out of a seemingly hopeless situation....and without trying it, you may never know the true grace that can be brought to you by God.

Letting Go.

It's a tough thing to do.  I always seem to find myself in this tug-of-war with God.  I'll give Him my fear, anxiety and worries....but pull them back, thinking I can handle the stuff on my own.   Ya... a Tug-of-war with the most powerful being in the universe.  Crazy!

So today....while I do worry and fear the results from the MRI my daughter is going through....I will release it and give it all to God.  Only HE knows the results, and only HE can give me the ability to handle, whatever the results may be.

Today, my choice is to NOT be gripped by my fear.  Today, with God's help, I believe that fear has no power over me, or my children.  Today....I expect a miracle!


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  1. Amen kristi. God has a plan. Even if we can't see what his intentions are for what he hands us. He dose provide the strength to guide us through. And he is and will continue to do the same for you. Miracles do happen and will happen. Surrounding you with love and prayers.