Friday, June 10, 2011

The Roller Coaster of Life!

We've been planning it for WEEKS!  Riley had been counting the hours....the minutes, until the day came, where the two of us could use our discount tickets for the LakeSide Amusement Park in Denver.

Yesterday, was one of the best days I have had in a LONG time.  It was a time to just have fun, and connect.

Riley and I headed for the GIANT white wooden roller coaster, that has been a part of this park for more than 70 years!

Before the ride opened, Riley and I made a goal of riding this ride over and over 30 times.....After a few times on it though, we thought 20 times, was a more realistic goal.

We'd ride, then, run around to the entrance, over and over.  Keeping up with Riley, my 10 year old, is not an easy task, but it was sure fun trying!

We made our goal of 20 times, and became quite popular with the ride operators who commented that they hadn't ever seen a "woman MY age", ride this coaster so many times.  HA!

20th Time!


 HATED IT!  Anything "spinny" makes me horribly sick!

During our 18th time, on the wooden coaster, while raising my hands, for the entire ride, I slammed my elbow onto the metal bar.

I didn't know it then, even though the pain was horrible, that I had dislocated it.

Riley and I ran back around to the entrance, another 2 times, to complete our goal...By then, then pain too much for me to handle.

After our 20th time, the park closed ...We had MADE IT!

Kinda funny, and totally worth it.  The emergency room doctors, kept popping their heads in asking me if I was "The Roller Coaster Injury".

X-rays were taken, then my elbow was popped back into place.  It's black and blue and has a deep bone bruise.

This is kinda like life. It's hard, you want to give up.  But you keep going, because of a goal!  Life has its ups, and downs.....It's really fast parts, straight and slow parts, and sometimes you get hurt, but if you stay focused on your goal, it makes the ride totally worth it!

Thrive On!

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