Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not so 'THRIVING' today

Today, I don't feel like 'Thriving'.  Today, the world seems to have a plot against me.  It's times like this, that I have to be extra aware of how far I let myself go down.

I woke up with a headache.  Not your 'everyday'  take-a-tylenol, type of headache...but a REALLY bad one.  The kind of headache that only finds relief when I take (2) 500mg hydrocodones.

When I wake up like this, it's hard for me to THRIVE.  I don't feel good, and the last thing I want to do, is to try to make others feel good.

Why can't the doctors fix me?  How can I possibly live a full life, while in so much pain?  Who in their right mind, wants to live life, popping pain pills, just to have a few moments pain free?

I've said it over and over in this blog AND when I speak, that it's okay to have a bad day....a bad week....even a bad month.  It's okay to not THRIVE all the time....But what IS important, is that you don't let yourself get so angry, and so depressed, that it keeps you from bouncing back.

I may not feel good today....But I have the hopes that tomorrow will be one of my good days.  I have the "Thriving Bar", that is always going to be their...waiting for me to grab onto it.

Thrive On (even when you don't feel like it)


  1. I know exactly what you mean, there's been plenty of days where I woke with a terrible headache and was not thriving...sending you my thoughts and prayers!


  2. Oh Kristi, its certainly ok to have those days....and allow yourself to feel like Why Me...Just remember that " this too shall pass" and you will grab that bar and thrive...thriving does not mean that it is always going to be easy especially with the roller coaster ride that each day can bring those of us with help your fellow thrivers so much I hope knowing that we all love and support you during the good and bad can help you because we really know how you feel........thinking of you and your family and will keep you in my prayers. Tomorrow will be a better day Thriving too, Nancy

  3. You are THRIVING, even when you think you aren't! Look at you woman! You put up a blog....showing your true colors, even though you didn't feel good. You let your "fans" see that you are human...(this is a good thing sweetie) Even in your darkest go on to show the world that NF will never get the best of you. You inspire so so so many--world wide....We are here for you...cheering for you....Just like YOU do, for all of us.
    Your messages of hope, strength and THRIVING shine so bright....even when you aren't "feeling it".
    I wish I could show you....just how much hope you have given to me....I wish the world, could give back, the amazingly great feeling that you give to everyone who has come into contact with you.
    People don't een have to meet feel the supernatural power that you hold inside you....IT RADIATES, my darling Kristi!
    Thank you, for doing what you do....Especially on those "bad days".

    Sending you LOTS of LOVE and healing vibes!