Friday, June 24, 2011

Negative People!

Negative people are like human black holes.  They sometimes come out of nowhere, then suck the life from everything around them.

They think, "If you are happy and positive, then you must be crazy...or better yet, you're lying."

Living with Neurofibromatosis isn't easy.  I can be the first to tell you that I have often thought that the battle wasn't worth the effort to continue to fight.

I have been criticized and made fun, my entire life, for the choices I have made....How I look, what I wear, how I talk...And now that I am adult, people criticize my choice to have children.

To those people, who continue to spread their own unhappiness with life to people around them...How dare you!  Never once have I judged couples who have a genetic "abnormality" for choosing to start a family. Never once would I allow MY own disdain for life to affect someone I barely know...or heck, even those that are closest to me.

Keep your negativity to yourself....I'm too busy to hear how YOU disapprove of MY choices, that have NOTHING to do with you.  I am too busy living my life, raising my sweet babies, giving them the best life I can.  

I honestly don't need to hear that you feel I should have sterilized myself, as to not keep the dreaded "NF Disease" from continuing on.

I get it....I know sometimes life sucks.....Sometimes things  happen to people that completely destroys their faith....But THAT'S YOU, that's YOUR life....Don't try to destroy MY faith, just because you are so unhappy with yours.


  1. I if there is not enough mom guilt already for passing it onto them..people have to go and make things worse with heartless/thinkless (is that even a it gets the point across) comments.

    Lots of things are genetic - obesity, diabetes, heart disease, breast cancer, etc..and that is just a few examples. All of them can kill you. That does not seem to stop people with those disorders from having children..I am not trying to minimize their pain..just pointing out that it is really not any different.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more!!

  3. Amen! I try don't let NF get the best of me. I recall growing up thinking god I hope my tumors don't get like mom's. But now I am glad that we don't have the related problems others face.

  4. Kudos to you Kristi! I always explain to people that God doesn't give me more than I can handle so I can handle all that is thrown my way. I look at my NF child as we travel this journey together. Then I look at other families who have medical issues much deeper than ours and we THANK GOD for our son! Our NF Family unites which completes our cycle.

  5. You know Kristi, you give ME hope. You are so "out there" with your life....making it so NOTHING stops you.
    Someone telling you that just because you have a "disease" that COULD be passed down to your kids, that you should be sterilized, should have the crap kicked out of them!
    ANYONE ---- ANYONE can go on to have a child with NF...OR ANY NUMBER of different genetic "diseases".
    Good for YOU, for addressing whoever this was who told you that!
    Your children are magnificent! And YOU are too!

    Flush the shit down the toilet, my dear and forget about the asshole!

    Hugs to you!
    Carol (An admirer)

  6. My daughter has NF as a result of a spontaneous gene mutation. As parents we don't get to CHOOSE what affliction our children will be forced to deal with. Perhaps we may know if we are genetic carriers but, GOD decides who gets what - not us as parents.

    So, for those who look strangely at my daughters body covered in Cafe Au Lait spots(as she prances around without a care in her swim suit)and for those who mock her because of her learning disability I pray that you will get educated. Because only prayer and education can help those with negative attitudes toward anyone that has a disease that has no cure.

    Thank you Kristi for all that you do to help spread educaton and awareness!!

  7. Ohhhh - You GO Girl! I am a proud NF woman AND mother! I dare anyone to say to my face that my NF children should have never been born.
    I have 5 kids, 3 whom have NF, and I would go on to have 10 more, if I could.
    I am proud of my choice to become a parent!

    Whoever is criticizing you for having kids, should be castrated! You do a super great job at not only raising your beautiful family, but also bringing so much positivity and light to the world of NF.

    We luv you and your true friends and FANS will back you up, any time you need it!

    Thanks for helping me and my family THRIVE Proudly with NF!

  8. I feel fortunate to be reading what thoughts you have jotted down here...the spirit and the positive mind is very very admirable.It is a very hard disease...probably one of the hardest and you are not complaining but fighting it beautifully.

  9. This made me feel so much better reading this I have NF type 1 and it really does bug me when people make snide comments to your face or even worse when you hear them talking about you! I have just had a baby and it does get to me that he may get it but I will live him even if he does and I think it's really not fair got people to tell you not to have children at least we know we are not the only ones even if sometimes we may feel like we are..