Monday, June 13, 2011

You're a FAKE!

I just got an e-mail from someone telling me that they thought I was a fake.  That my whole "Thriving Thing" was for attention and money.

I've gotten a few e-mails like this, in the the past, but never chose to address them. Rich tells me I should take the high road, and consider the fact that I may have some 'haters' as a sign that I'm actually making a difference.

One thing this person said is true.  I am online and sharing my stories for attention - that is, ATTENTION for NF. Our disorder is one of the least recognized, least understood on the planet, and it deserves attention. I want others to hear what I have to say, and hear what YOU have to say, to allow it to impact their lives so THEY believe that they can also continue to learn more about NF, and aspire to themselves THRIVE with Neurofibromatosis
Anyone who truly knows me, knows that my only intention of being so "out there" with my Thriving attitude is simply to show others that they have the control to change their attitude....That having NF, or any other challenge, doesn't have to smash your dreams.

As far as becoming rich from Thriving with husband and kids are still waiting for the Brinks truck to show up.  Everything I make from Thriving gets put back into creating more product, bringing more awareness, or, as need be, making sure my lights don't get shut off.

The "profit" I see from what I do, is that of seeing others change their attitudes....And I guess THAT does make me rich.

Thrive ON! 


  1. People just dont understand sometimes i think. I also feel the people who feel the need to send such e-mails are far to sad and deep into depression about NF that they just cant understand why and how someone can take NF, and find a way through the river rapids that it brings our way.

    Keep being who you are.. you are a blessing to many...
    love you .

  2. Screw the high road. Let's troll their e-mail with spam.....I mean, Gee. I hope they see the errors of their ways and realize NF is an important issue.

  3. You are a remarkable person who deserves so much credit for all you do for those of us with NF as well as our families. Don't listen to anyone that has the nerve to so bad things about you. You are a hero in my eyes. You help me more than you know with each and every story and inspiration. Thrive I am thriving with NF too !!!! Nancy Hook

  4. The people that wrote that about you have no idea what the struggles are for people and especially kids with NF. If I didn't have you to help me deal and understand more of what is going on with my son I don't know what I'd do. If they have enough testicular fortitude to send you what they did, I have your back. Send me their email or however they contacted you and I'll let them know the legalities of libel. You can sue them for it and put that money right into your NF efforts! Wanda form facebook.

  5. For those people that just MUST try to bring other people in this world down to help themselves look/feel good.....My sister is the toughest and the bravest woman and mother that I know!!! Through every trial, set back and stuggle that every family has to deal with every can multiply that by SIX and she does it with a GREAT ATTITUDE!! This lady has brough AWARENESS and HOPE to people with a disease that affects so many. I love you Kristi and KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!!! Jay

  6. If you are true to yourself-those people see that and instead of imitating it-they attack b/c they're unhappy about something.
    So sad for them to say that-they see the remarkable things you do and they feel jealousy. Thank goodness for people like you that care enough to make a difference!!!
    God's Blessings!!!!!