Thursday, September 10, 2009

Freaky Friday Facts


*About 46.2 MILLION Americans are without health insurance! (about 10 million of those people are CHILDREN!)

* About 20,000 American DIE every year, because they don't have insurance. (or can't go to the DR. because of the lack of insurance)

* 1/3 of those that are uninsured, suffer from some kind of chronic illness. That's stuff like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure etc.

*Medical bills are responsible for 60% of the bankruptcies in the US.

*And what's interesting 75% of the above mentioned HAD HEALTH INSURANCE!!

*For an average family....About 5,000 per year is spent on health insurance. This does not include deductables, co-pays and out-of pocket.

All of this info was easily found, just by typing questions into Google, reading and researching....I find it so sad, that so many people go without good / quality health care, and are left to die....This is America....I sure hope GOOD changes are in store for everyone!



  1. You guys really need universal health care. Admittedly there are problems with the system here in Canada; but never will we be turned away due to money. lt's too bad your debate turned political instead of the health of your citizens.

  2. People and money...will never be equal....Money always seems to win.

  3. YES. Yes we do!!!!! Kristi honey, don't get me started on health care. I was denied TWICE because of my NF!! Gee, I thought they couldn't deny a pre-existing condition!!!! We had to get an Insurance mediator to fix the situation, and even she was like "What the heck?" I got so mad at the Cubicle Monkey who I called that he was flustered till I hung up on him.
    Girlfriend, I can't express my true feelings about healt hcare here, because I know you are a sweeite and wouldn't like the bad words, and I'm kind of a lady too and forget that I'm not supposed to swear, but darn it, I'm pretty ticked.

    I'd love healthcare reform, but everyone is afraid that Obama is some kind of "communist". Another poster on a different blog said it was a shame that Americans are so afraid of Socialism. I mean, yeah, we'll have "higher taxes" but wouldn't that money be going to pay for insurance anyway? It's such a shame people wont think.

    I'm really sorry, but even on a day like 9/11, I'm really angry with my government, we really need a change and I am putting faith in my president, (who I really believe will help us all) that he will do some good.

    Okay, getting off my soap box now.

    Lots of love, my dear. Hope we all get (affordable) insurance soon.