Thursday, September 24, 2009

Freaky Friday

Are you ready?

Months of waiting....Years of pain. The tests were ordered and I was really excited to to finally have the answers to so many questions. But now that the tests are over...I'm really scared

The first key to accepting your test results, is to understand them. I have gotten many phone calls with results that have confused and upset me.

It's very important to get a clear picture of what your results are telling you.

I remember, getting my kidney results. The CTScan showed calcification, but also indicated tumors in my lungs. The nurse who called me, I'm sure did not expect me to keep her on the phone so long....but I did....I asked questions.....I was tired of feeling like crap. Sent for more tests, that came out okay, but boy was I put through an emotional roller coaster.

Doctors sometimes forget to speak English when talking to their patients, their "tech talk", confuses and scared people. But this is about YOU. Slow your Dr. down....ask him/her to slow down.

With my Neurologist....She quickly spatted out "lipoma, hydrocephalus and ventricular shunt".....Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. SLOW down~~~

I always bring a notebook with me to every doctors appointment. Whether it be my own, or one of my kids. I write down everything! I am learning to ask questions about everything!

This is all about you...start understanding what's going on with you!

I know this is a bit scattered....but it's my Birthday...and I didn't really feel like getting too deep in topics today.

With these test results of my own, I plan on knowing everything, before making any decisions. I am scared....but I am educating that fear.

Have a great weekend!

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