Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Is it Wednesday already!? WOW!

Have you ever glanced at The Guinness Book of World Records' book? It's hilarious...Wacky.....frightening...weird and ....sad. I was flipping the pages and came across this:

This is Lucky Diamond Rich. He is in the Guinness book for being the 'MOST TATTOOED MAN'. He has 99.9% of his body covered in tattoos and seems quite proud of that fact. Uhh...What is this man trying to cover up? Or is he simply just showing off? He seems like a nice enough guy, articulate and smart. But I just don't get it.
Even with the tumors and birth marks, I feel it would be a slap in face to my Creator, to do something like this. I choose to view myself in light of Christ’s love for me..which means, I've been made perfect.
I think about this guy.....and umm well -- what if he changes his mind? Does he want to live forever like this? Sometimes those choices I wrote about yesterday...can haunt you, for the rest of your life!
I have wanted to get a tattoo....small subtle, and on my ankle. I have this picture of a Daisy (my fav flower) with each of the petals having my child's name on it...even a petal for Rich...and in the center of the flower...the word FOREVER. But I have never been able to bring myself to do it.
But....this guy is over the top. And hey, he got me blogging about him, huh?

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  1. I love your tatoo idea! Thats really cool- 7 petals, lucky mom!