Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm hoping 'Wacky Wednesday' will be a day for fun jokes or stories...if you have any suggestions, please let me know :)

A few yrs ago, The Last Comic Standing had a fellow on the show who had a 'disability'. I fell in love with this guys personality. He was confident, but not cocky.....He had a way of laughing at himself, without making it seem over the top.
Check him out here:
Sometimes, we just need to step back from the reality that life throws at us, and focus on the funny stuff. Everyone knows that laughter feels good....Smiling and laughing can be also, very healing.

I refuse to let this NF control me. It's not my life....it's just part of who I am. Now we just need some folks to come up with some good NF jokes and we're set!
Although -- I have told my kids that I was going as bubble wrap this year for Halloween.
Enjoy your WACKY WEDNESDAY....Go make someone laugh! Do something FUN.

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