Saturday, July 18, 2009

Labotomy/Phlebotomy, what's the diff.?

Mikey is always making people laugh. I told him, "That's your gift!" He has always been able to make friends very quickly. Not many people can do this, and he's a natural!
He's an awesome guy, and I love the fact that we got to share the NIH experience together! I think he made quite the impact on the NIH drs.
On our first day, labs were ordered. Finding your way around NIH takes some practice.....I told Mikey, to go over to the security guard, who was standing in a room filled with people. I asked Mikey to find out where he goes for a "Labotomy". He went walked over and in his deep and loud voice says ... "Hi there Sir......How are you? I'm here for a Labotomy, can u tell me where to go?"
So innocent....He had no idea.
The room fell silent.....Me, hiding behind my magazine. A few giggles, errupted into enormous laughter. The securtiy guard about fell over. Asking Mikey, if he meant PHLEBOTOMY. I love Mikey to death...he is such a great guy....!
I just had to share that :) heheehee

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