Friday, July 31, 2009


I thought for FREAKY FRIDAY..I would post some 'Freaks of Nature'. I found it interesting, that when searching for photos...Neurofibromatosis came up, quite a bit. It's a shame the world views us as freaks.
Below are beautiful creations of God......
( as well as some examples of what people can do with that creation )

Aww Turtles!


This person IS suffering from NF. They have what is known as a plexiform, neurofibroma.
This to me is not a freak of nature....Its a person who needs medical help.

This is just wrong...I guess I wouldn't be asking her to help tie my shoe laces.

Uhhh,,Is it just me, or does it look like he has balloons under his skin...

Awww, a putty tat! Or is that TWO putty tats?

This is John Merrick. He was the original "Elephant Man"...once thought to have suffered from Neurofibromatosis. He, in fact had Prodeus. John Merrick died after living a sheltered life.....he was thought to be a freak, but he wasn't...he was a brave and sweet man!

I've seen this family on the discovery channel....and they are VERY proud of who they are!!


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