Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bethesda MD!

Ahh - Finally! Mikey and I are here at the hotel in Bethesda, Maryland. The flight was uneventful (which I'm sooo thankful for!) and we didn't lose our bags!
The East coast is sure different than the West coast. The people here always seem to be in a hurry. Mike and I were practically run down by several people, when we went exploring, outside the hotel. I wonder where they are all going?
Mike and I found some greasy spoon, and got a hamberger and fries. We took the food up to the hotel, and began relaxing!
The hotel is charming. I am feeling quite spoiled right now....for even my husband and I didn't get to feel this relaxed. Our honeymoon wasn't quite 24 hrs...rushed and quite stressful.
So, tomorrow starts the begining of our testing. We are going to bed early....waking up early...and heading to the hospital.
I am looking fwd to this....I'm excited to finally be set free, from hiding. I am doing something that can possibly make a difference. One tiny step foward.
Keep following me...and this amazing journey.

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  1. You go girl! you are free- I know what you mean- we hid for a year. I guess it's easy to pretend when so much can go wrong. Your so great for doing this.