Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My entire life, I have searched for something to believe in. Sure, I believed in God, but I always kept Him at an arms distance. I grew up with a mother who had nothing nice to say about God, so I was left very confused.
Even when I grew into a woman....I always felt so lost. I really had no one to guide and shape me, into who I was to become. The path I walked, was my own....or so I thought.....
I felt I had no purpose.....
When one searches for their purpose, they must search beyond themselves to find it. That was a hard lesson...and one that took a long time to learn...and re-learn...and re-learn. But when I figured it out, it was so plain to see, I found it hard to believe I kept missing the message God was trying so hard to fill me with.
Everyone has a purpose. Finding it, is really not difficult. You have to go to God and ask Him. Wait for His answer. He will show you the way.
So what is MY purpose? I live it everyday. I see my purpose in my children's eyes. I see it when my family is gathered around the dinner table. God has blessed me so much. He has chosen ME to take care of His precious children.
One of my favorite Proverbs is 19:21 it says "Many are the plans in a man's heart; but it's the Lord's purpose that prevails."
This makes me feel so good. I know that I am not a mistake. We all have our purpose and we all are the same in His eyes. We can go our own way, and get lost, while we search for the right roads to take.....But I'd rather be doing more productive things.
With regards to living with NF. I know I was chosen for that too. Maybe it's to make a lasting impression on those around me, who see me struggling with such a cruel and nasty disease. OR Maybe I am here to touch the hearts of those who are struggling so much, that they would never ask for help. Whatever the reason, for NF being a part of my life...I embrace it.
That's what 'THRIVING' with NF means to me. It's accepting what IS....and making the most out of it.
1. to prosper; to be fortunate or successful.
2. to grow or develop vigorously; flourish
And this is what I am choosing. Staying in the light of our God, makes me so happy. I am lucky to be to fight, able to survive. Having NF, means this......It makes me choose happier, live fuller and THRIVE in everything I do.
So, today, my dear friends....choose. Choose to THRIVE throughout your day. I know we all have "things" in our life that pull and weigh us down, but we can choose the upwards climb. You will not be alone in your journey....God is there cheering you on. And as you get closer to Him.....Your purpose will become clear.

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