Friday, July 10, 2009

Medical Research

In a few days, I will leave for Maryland, where I will be participating in human research for Neurofibromatosis.
While both excited and nervous, I find myself push by an unknown force of satisfaction. I know I am not going out to change the world, but it is really gratifying, knowing that even in its small -tiny way, may in fact, help researchers in their quest for a cure.
All I want in life, is to make one small difference, that could possibly ripple into something amazing!
So, my bags are packed.....I'm ready to go....(makes me want to break out in the John Denver song) "I'm leaving .. on a jet plane...."
I have my schedule, for when I will be at the 'National Institute of Health", and I will be quite busy. Which is good....because that will keep my mind off of what's going on at home.
My brother Mike, will be coming with me, which makes me feel a WHOLE bunch better! He is just as excited....but I'm not sure he quite grasps, what will be happening.
Monday morning will be filled with blood draws, physical exams, body pictures (ACKKK!), counceling and MRI's.
Tuesday will include, echocardiograms, dental consultation, MRI's, and wrap-up of the last 2 days.
All in the name of science, right? Jeeez!!!!
I know this will be the stepping stone to something great. I will fill everyone in, as the day closes, to let you know I have survived! :)
I pray answers come from this....that someday soon, researchers will have found a way, to help people cope with such a devastating disease. But until that day comes....we have hope. We have wonderful people fighting everyday, to discover a cure for so many diseases.
If you have the opportunity to be able to donate your time (and your body) in the name of research, please do. I found out about this wonderful opportunity through the CHILDREN'S TUMOR FOUNDATION (
Thanks to everyone, for all the love and support!

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