Sunday, July 19, 2009


Do you set limitations on your dreams or goals? Are your challenges keeping you from dreaming bigger?
Sometimes the challenge, can be other people. They can stand in your way of achieving your goals. Knock you down and tell you lies. This can be very damaging.

If there is one thing I have learned from having to deal with NF, it's that there are some things you have to fight hard for. Keeping a positive outlook, when the future seems bleak, is not easy. It's a fight for your life, and I am determined to fight to the death.
A favorite saying I have heard is "I have NF, NF does not have me". This can be true for any number of things you are dealing with. If you let whatever it is you are dealing with, beat you, the game is over.
I know that God put me here for a reason. I embrace the NF, and thank God everyday, that I get to be here. I am blessed with a wonderful family.
Whatever it is, that you may be dealing illness, a physical limitation, the loss of a loved one; you have to fight, to keep your spirit alive. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up.

written by

If I Can Endure For This Minute
Whatever Is Happening To Me,
No Matter How Heavy My Heart Is
Or How Dark The Moment May Be~~
If I Can Remain Calm And Quiet
With All The World Crashing About Me,
Secure In The Knowledge God Loves Me
When Everyone Else Seems To Doubt Me~~
If I Can But Keep On Believing
What I Know In My Heart To Be True,
That Darkness Will Fade With The Morning
And That This Will Pass Away,Too~~


  1. Another one that helps me i "Its not the years in the life but the life in he years" Abe Lincoln. Keep writing miss kris!

  2. I haev lost a son, but Grief does NOT have me!
    Beautifully written,Kristi!

  3. Oh Kathryn sweetheart.....I thought of you as I wrote this. I am so proud of you! Your friendship means so much to me..GOD BLESS YOU!

    and LAURA--- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quote! Im facebooking it right now!