Monday, July 20, 2009


Nothing like getting back into the swing of things. The time away was great....but now reality has taken hold of me, and I must come down from my high....
This week is FILLED with appointments. Our first one was to the Ear, Nose and Throat Doc., for Bailey. A few months ago, she had quite an ear infection, that ended up busting her ear drum. *ouch* Poor girl! We had to see a specialist, because it was not healing very well.
While in the waiting room, I noticed an older woman, sitting by herself, next to the window. I didn't stare, but I did notice some bumps, along her neck and down her arms. She was wearing long sleeves, that were pushed up to her elbows. Her eyes were dark, and sunk in a bit. Her mouth was drawn and tight. She looked worn and tired. I saw "NF" all over her....even though what was visual, was just a few bumps.
I casually made my way over to her, by placing a magazine on the table that was next to where she was sitting. We made eye contact and smiled at each other. It was an instant connection. She made a comment about the girls, and how good they were being (even tho they were running the walls and driving me bananas) She asked the ages, and was shocked to hear I had two more kids at home. :)
Several minutes of light hearted conversation went my head were spinning thoughts about how I could mention NF, without making her feel bad. I didn't want her to think that her NF was very noticeable, because it honestly wasn't. I only saw, what I see on me. NFers can almost "sniff it out"...LOL
So, I just said it, I asked if she knew about NF. The look on her face was that of shock. She smiled and told me "YES!" A few years ago I never EVER would have acknowledged NF in myself, let alone, asked about it in another person.
She was a delightful woman, and we exchanged e-mail addresses. I shook her hand and told her that she was a beautiful woman....that the only reason I saw her NF, was because I had it too. It seems she felt the world get a little bit smaller.
It's hard going through life, with a disease (God I hate that word...makes it sound like I'm infected with the plague) that no one knows about, and few deal with.. on a personal basis. So, I am making a point to go outside my little BOX...anytime I see an opportunity.........THE TURN AROUND doing something you wouldn't normally do. Go above and beyond the call of duty, and surprise may just make a new friend...or leave quite the impression on someone.


  1. I agree that it's hard sometimes. My own bumps located on my arms look more like I've just had chicken pox or the measles. Some "normal" people are often curious and ask about them; others whisper among themselves while looking in your direction which make you feel that you do have the plague. I've learned to brush it off most of the time, but there are still days that I feel bad about it.

  2. Wow,Kristi. You gave that woman such a special gift!

  3. :) Hi.
    My family has Neurofibromatois too.