Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freaky Friday

You stare and point,
at something new.

If I am a freak,
than so are you.

It's ok
that you dont understand

But I'm just like you,
with bumps on my neck, arms and hand.

If you stopped
and looked beyond,

You'd see inside
and build a bond.

Instead you judged
and pass me by,

You laugh and stare
and make me cry.

This is me,
my heart is true

but, if I am a freak,
Than so are you-


1 comment:

  1. I have been struggling with my sons nf1 since we found out struggling with how he will deal with it. Your post has me in tears as I type this no one should feel that way your not a freek and people should stop judging books by their cover You stay strong letting people know what this disease does to you not only emotionally but physically as well. They only point and laugh because of ignorance and it will only continue if we dont get it out there I said neuro fibro what? what the hell is that when the doctor told us so I know first hand that it is not a in your face thing that people know about and thats not going to change unless we keep telling our stories and help each other through it One thing unusual about this disease I find is that people afected either directly or indirectly family member what ever, we are like a close family once we get talking about it we help each other out with struggles Face book is great some one got me through a rough time I went through blaming myselfKeep it up