Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Operation Sisters Love

Facebook has been a great way for so many people to connect. I have met wonderful families, who are dealing with NF, just like us. It's comforting to know, that we are not the only ones battling this disease.
I met Amie Broeiman. Her daughter, Emma has Neurofibromatosis, and has quite a long list of medical issues, because of it. This is a family that is THRIVING. The challenges are tough, but they keep fighting!
Emma has a big sister who is 13 yrs old. Allie, started a non-profit organization called 'Operation Sisters Love". Allie says she wanted to so something to make the children who are staying in the hospital happy. She told a few people about her idea and started receiving donations. She began making blankets for the children in the hosptial and has made quite the impact!
I was immediately taken with this little girl. She thought of an idea....and made it happen. What way to touch so many lives! This is what THRIVING is all about.....taking the diagnoses of a disorder that can cause so much pain....and finding the positive.
To Allie---Keep up the good work!

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