Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have been in a wacky funk lately, sort of obsessing over this NF. My fingers exhausted, from typing in my childrens symptoms....I worry about them. I think about the tumors in their heads, wondering when things will get worse.

I do push that worry aside....for them, but hide within myself with this weight, pulling my heart down.

Rachels brain tumor, is on the left side of the basal gangelia.....motor function and speech can and have been affected by this tumor. All we were told to do....is "watch and wait".....I hate when I am told that...It's like the Drs don't even want to try.

Rachel is doing okay.....My THRIVING little sweetheart is such an inspiration. She is my silly little girl. She loves to be tickled. She loves Mustard and Jelly sandwiches. She is head strong. She is tiny, but strong. She loves DORA. She believes she is a Princess. She melts my heart with her hugs. She snuggles and loves to be held like a baby.

Braden has several tumors at the base of his brain. These tumors cause him major headaches. Braden has been behind his whole life. He is just begining to realize that he is "different"....Kids his own age don't understand....he has been made fun of and treated badly by some of his teachers. He needs a voice --so badly...This school year we have made some significant changes. He has a voice now...he will THRIVE.

Braden hasn't had a headache is a few wks. He takes medicine everyday, to help control this. He is such a sweet boy. MY video gamer. My BIG BOY who still loves to hug his mommy. He loves bugs and isn't afraid to squish a spider for me. He loves the discovery channel and will watch it all day. He has the most blue eyes, I haev ever seen. He loves EVERYTHING spicey.

So why all of this on a WACKY WEDNESDAY? Because I wanted everyone to know, that despite all the medical issues.....we choose to PLAY.....Be silly.....I will spend my life showing these 6 kids of mine.....that life doesn't have to be all about stress and problems......You can look at the WACKY SIDE of things and have fun.

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