Monday, August 31, 2009

Turn it around Tuesday

Many cultures throughout the world, share a common, coming of age ritual, known simply as a Vision Quest.......While we often think of this in terms of altering the perception of what we see around us, in truth it has nothing to do with the physical act of seeing at all.

This rite of passage, marks the transition, from child—to adult. A turning point, meant to find ones self and their intended purpose in life. Who am I? Why am I here? A time of internal transformation and renewal.

As I sat and watched my daughter struggle to read the letters reflected on the wall...I closed my eyes, only to encounter my own 'Vision Quest'. The road that lay before us was that of a mystery. “Her vision has gotten worse in the 3 months since our last visit Ms. Hopkins”.....The Ophthalmologist looked up at me over her glasses, that were slid down to the tip of her nose. The doctor spent another half an hour with Rachel, adjusting the settings and fiddling with that and that, only to come to the same conclusion.

The nurse jotted down some notes, while the doctor wheeled her chair over to me and put her hand on my knee. “Just give it to me straight”, I told her. I kept my eyes closed, and took in a deep breath.....perhaps anticipating, the darkness that my daughter could be facing.

I was told that the vision loss was worrisome, in that if it continues at this rate, by the time Rachel is 10, she could be “legally blind”. I opened my eyes, and looked over at my daughter....she was playing with her shoes and giggling, when they kept falling off. I gave her our special wink- wink-kiss and told her I loved her.

We got a prescription for some eye drops, that will keep Rachel's eyes in a dilated state, to relax her eye muscles, so that perhaps, her glasses that she is wearing now, will help her see better. We were told to schedule our appointment with our Neurologist as soon as possible.

Rachel's last MRI was in MAY and we are on a every 6 month basis, but may have to bump it up a bit, just in case her tumor is growing.

I take Rachel's hand and make sure to get her a sticker, as we make a return appointment for 3 wks from today. As we walk out of the Drs office, I kneel down to Rachel....and I look into her sweet hazel/blue eyes....I tell her how much I love her. She smiles and tells me that this was the best day ever!

I came of age many years ago....but today was a Vision Quest nonetheless. I now have a deep understanding, of why God put me here. I know exactly what my purpose is.

Who am I? Why am I here? Those questions were answered at that very moment. If my daughter loses her physical vision, it is my job, to help her, so she never loses her spiritual vision. Poor site or no site....this will never alter her direction in life. (with 5 other kids, one can only imagine the 'Vision Quests' to come (: )

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  1. Most definitely........A purpose found! Its better than aimlessly searching for that purpose and during the search; losing the enjoyment of living life. God bless have additional purposes as well; inspire the world!