Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Whatever Wednesday

When I woke Up.....I knew exactly what I wanted to write about. When I got to the computer to mind shifted to many other topics. I have Wednesday bookmarked for "whining, wacky or 'what about me'." But I couldn't decide what to put today under.....maybe all of them?
I got to thinking about beauty, how so many people try to attain this idea of perfection. I wonder who set that bar so high? These celebrities...with their fancy cars, "perfect" bodies, and flawless faces. Thousands...heck millions of dollars spent, rearranging body parts to look....better? Yikes!

My favortite actress....So beautiful in the late 80's...early 90's. What happened Meg?


The before and after kinda look the same here

I'm sorry Michael...RIP....but dude what were you thinking? :(

Do I really need to say anything here?

How important is it, always trying to live up to someone elses standard of perfection? I would think that would be quite exhausting. My feeling is that these multi-million dollar people, are truly lost. Desperately trying to attain a level of perfection, that sadly...they will never get to.

So, a nip and a tuck, a stretch and a pull, lazer, injections, addtions, subtractions....all for what? The definition of "beauty" to me, changes constantly, and oddly enough, isn't defined by what you look like.

The NF may change appearances, deforming and twisting the body...but the soul, the heart, the mind are true characters of beauty, and those never change.

YOU are beautiful just as you are, God made no mistake, when creating you. Physical beauty, does not define inner beauty.


Although outward beauty may be seen
all painted on with a brush so fair
its shallowness can be revealed
in our actions unaware,

But inner beauty is much more rare
and it comes from God above
It is shown in how we act
and how we show His

Like an oyster in the ocean
its outer shell so plain and dull
but when you look inside of it
theres a pearl so beautiful.

I hope to be like the oyster
when you look inside you'll see
a heart so warm and beautiful
and see God's love inside of me.

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