Monday, August 24, 2009

Turn it around Tuesday


Have you ever been judged solely on your looks? Has someone ever told you, that you just weren't their type?

I watched 'Dating in the Dark' for the first time Monday night and to be honest, I wasn't shocked about how superficial the people were.

The show is based on putting couples in a dating environment totally in the dark. They go on a few "dates" and pick who THEY think they are most compatible with. The guys and the girls are then paired up, based on a computer generated compatibility test.

The "compatible" couples then are exposed to each other one at a time. Some were disappointed, some were happy. One of each of the couples is then left to wait and see if the "compatible" partner steps out of the house, indicating, they want to date them in the real life.

Finding that one true love, would never happen for me, like this. I am me. From start to finish.. In the dark....In the light. Bumps, lumps...take me or leave me.

This show....just diminishes all hope that people can see past the "flaws" people have. Granted, I have only seen one show....but that was enough for me. As if dating wasn't hard enough. Now we get to see what the other side REALLY thinks of us! (I guess that's why I didn't get a lot of call backs for 2nd dates)

I know that I'm far from a perfect "10".....but there are a few in my life, who would disagree. And those are the people I keep close to my heart.

Seeing people from the inside out, is not a skill that is easily mastered....but you finally get it....Oh the treasures you will find! :)

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