Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Am I Making A Difference?

It's hard to believe that 2 weeks have gone by since I was in Canada.  It was such a heartwarming experience...And I find myself longing for more.

While I was at the symposium I had this woman come up to me, shake my hand and tell me how much she liked my talk.  She pointed to her daughter - who was sitting by herself, with her baby.  "Can you go over and talk to her...?"

So I did.  I sat with her.  Told her that her baby was beautiful...That NF wasn't the end of the world...That her baby is looking to HER ..And that to HIM...She was his hero!  

I tried.

But....I don't think any of my words helped.  

To HER....This was the end of the world.  To HER, her baby was 'sick'.  To HER, it was all her fault.

I felt bad for her....Mostly because I know exactly how she feels.

I hate NF with so much passion, that sometimes, I just want to throw my computer against the wall, and give up on all this THRIVING crap.


Then I see my kids.  I see them looking at me.  To MY kids...I am their hero.  The one they look to - and learn from.  I see MY attitude reflecting in them.  And THRIVING has become the most important part in how we cope with this diagnosis.

My words may not have impacted this young woman....But....Maybe they did.  All I can do, is set an example....Share my story and live my life.

And on those days where I get so frustrated that I want to give up.....I DON'T.