Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Stumpy And Bumpy

Have you seen these two characters?

Haha...This is me and the hubs, just living life...The struggles, the successes...All of it, together!


Success only comes when you have support there to catch you when you fall...And when you have cheerleaders there to help encourage you when things are good.

I'm Bumpy....I have Neurofibromatosis.  
He's Stumpy...His left leg, below the knee was amputated over 10 yrs ago.

Together we show whoever chooses to watch us, what life is like, when "things" get in our way of trying to be successful.  Overcoming the challenges life throws at us...while staying positive.

You will hear "WIN ANYWAY

What does mean...?

It means finding the WIN in the losses....THRIVING and pushing through the struggles.  Setting an example of faith while committing to each other to support, no matter what.

If you havent had the chance to check us can catch us on Facebook @Stumpy&Bumpy

Friday, April 6, 2018

Fear and Strength

I hate trying new things.  I do.  It's a fact.  When pushed out of my comfort zone, I shut-down...I retreat.  I cower. 

It's SCARYYYY out if I don't HAVE to...I like to stay nice and cozy in my little area.

But....What does staying cozy get me...?  Besides warm feet...

Over the past 3 years, I have been forced out of my little cozy-zone....and into a position that I had very little confidence that I could be successful at...And to my surprise--I'm kinda loving it.

Some of you know, I am a manager at a very busy movie of THE MOST busiest theatres in the country!!  I juggle scheduling, hiring, firing, training, and all the details of making sure your movie plays smoothly on the big screen.  I never - in a MILLION YEARS thought I would be capable of this kind of job...But, yet here I am.

Out of this fear I had, came this amazing strength and confidence...!!  Ask my hubby...I have changed, and grown, despite my resistance -- And there was a LOT of resistance!

What have I learned during this process..?  To STRETCH beyond myself!  To take a leap of faith and do something that pushes me....!  That's the ONLY way, I'm going to grow!

Just  doooo iiiitttt!

***I am launching this blog again...I know that it has slowly died, and I'm incredibly sad about it...My goal is to blog AT LEAST once a week...and try to build it back up.  I have a lot to talk about--So many things have happened--So get ready NF world...Kristi is BACK!

Thrive On!