Wednesday, April 15, 2020


My "last day" of work was March 20th...Which means, we have been quarantined for ALMOST a month.  Time flies when ure....

Nope....Not having fun!

Isolation sucks.  Period.

With 6 other people...I'm not really "Isolated"...Like ALONE...But Alone, together, if that makes any sense at all.  Wow....I can tell I haven't been OUT very much!

It's kinda weird...When you have ALL-THE-TIME-IN-THE-WORLD to do things....How busy you become. 

How are YOU doing in isolation?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Our NEW Normal

So...Now that we have nothing but time, I am determined to re-start, re-vamp, re-Something my role in the NF community.  I feel bad.  I let life get in the way, and in doing so, I let what's really important, slide to the way-side.

This whole COVID-19 thing seems surreal.  It's like I'm watching some terrible Netflix movie...But sadly, I can't turn this movie off, or switch the channel.   It's affecting REAL people, In REAL ways....and it's scary.

Almost 2 wks ago, the Child Care Center I work at closed its doors...With the promise that the workers who CHOOSE to, could begin doing an 'At Home' service.  I was excited about this, and to be able to bring home an income.

Well....Things changed, and that option was no longer an option.  Booo....! I was however lucky enough to get in contact with one of our families at the center, who brought me into their home to watch their boys -  But with things escalating with COVID...this lasted a week.

Families like ours - who live LITERALLY pay check to pay check are being hit HARD.  We have no savings, and no rich relatives...So now, I'm scrambling, literally applying for  jobs...ANYONE that will have me....and in the meantime, my heart is breaking. 

When I left the theatre for the Child Care Center, I took a pretty big pay me, it was worth it.  FINALLY I would get my foot in the door, doing something I LOVE.  The center is great, and I love the "fill-your-bucket" style they have.  But, now I'm feeling like this path is disappearing - Being taken away...Like....It was too good to last.

Do you ever feel that way...?  Like the good things never seem to last...? 

Brain tumors are stable today....But in 6 months, you find out you need surgery, chemo....

I've been there friends.  I'm there now. 

Sometimes....Living in the moment is hard.  But you can take comfort in knowing, you aren't alone.  The path can be scary....The unknown brings anxiety, uncertainty -

And this brings me to my point.  That's the WHOLE purpose for this blog.  To let you know that  you ARE NOT alone.  I''m with all of you, in this crazy and scary time.

I'm reaching out.  Grab my hand.