Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thriving Takes Action

As a human being, it's easy to focus on the negative things in life.  I mean let's face it, life is HARD! And sometimes, life is unfair.

I didn't grow up as an overly optimistic person.  In fact, there are times when I think I am hard-wired to be a frustrated- angry woman....Just like my mother.  (There are even times, when I actually think, that way of life would be easier)

I have to work HARD....REALLY HARD sometimes to push out all of the negative - toxic feelings I have.

I got this e-mail from a father, who is having a very difficult time accepting the diagnosis of NF for his 3 yr old son.  He's angry (I understand) And he can't see the good in anything right now.  His words "I feel hopeless".

I feel this way too.  I sink into despair.  The amount of guilt I feel sometimes, when it comes to NF is unbearable.

But then what...What do I do with all those emotions?  Where do they go?

Those emotions - ALL OF THEM - are inside of me.  They are real.

But they transform into the energy I need to push myself forward, instead of allowing them to swallow me into a pit I cannot get out of.

HOW?  It's a very deliberate effort.  I recognize what it feels like....And what it looks like when life's "Stuff" starts to take its toll....And I know that everyone around can feel and see it too.  So...I make a choice.

It's like that saying-
"Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching". Thomas Jefferson

Positive thinking engages ALL me.  It puts ME in the drivers seat.  Puts ME in control of MY life.  And when other people notice - and recognize my efforts, it just makes the NEXT time I am facing a difficult situation, a little easier.

"THRIVING Takes ACTION-  When you CHOOSE to TAKE ACTION...Instead of letting life act upon YOU....That's when you THRIVE!" - Kristi Hopkins