Monday, July 18, 2016

Rest in Peace Mikey

I miss you - Mikey.  Growing up, you and I were inseparable.  I didn't really know much about you, until after mom and dad divorced.

I knew you were sick.  But you always showed strength....To the point, we both forgot about Neurofibromatosis.

You were my buddy.  My best friend.

I will always remember our adventures as 'Bonnie and Clyde'....And the way you took care of me and always made me feel safe.  I hope I did that for you as well. 

You are still in my heart and dance in my mind-
Completely healed and no longer blind.

You courage and strength, Shined so bright-
You earned your wings, and have taken flight.

The tears I have cried,
You've wiped them away-
You hold me close- as you softly say-

"I am free from this world-
My pain is gone-
And if given the choice-
I wouldn't live on."

"This place is awesome-
And you'll be all right-"

"I'll look after you from Heaven's height."

I love you Mikey.