Friday, September 10, 2010

Who's YOUR Worst Enemy?

The other night at Life Group, the question was brought up...."Who is your worst enemy and Why?" I knew the answer immediately, but held my tongue, because I thought my answer would sound really stupid....or expected.

The other people in this group were talking about past bosses, co-workers, teachers, principals, when the answer floating in my head was..."ME". I couldn't think of anyone in my life, I have hated more than myself.

Someone else did finally bring up the answer I was holding back, and I felt better. I was glad I wasn't the only one who has really truly hated myself.

Who is YOUR worst enemy?

My worst enemy is filled with lies. She torments me constantly. She puts me down and tells me I am never going to be good enough. She fills me with doubts, distrust and fear....and while I know this is ALL lies, I find it hard to not find a small bit of truth in it.

I have been held back for so long by this woman. But I am working on letting go of her. Shutting her out and focusing on the truth.


  1. i get the point of your post, and i feel you, but honestly, gut reaction? my boss! oh, i hate her so. her selfishness, her ego, her toxic relationships, her greed, her desire to be the only one with the credit, her lack of logic. i hate it all. i only stay because i know i'll be employed 6 months from now, god willing.
    i'm sorry you feel that way, because i think you're pretty awesome and spectacular. you just rock on and do your thing, girl!

  2. Krissy, I know of whom you speak. Do what is best for you, just you...

    Let her go, her bitterness is not good for you or your family.

  3. im sorry you feel that way hunny. but i totally know what you mean all at the same time.
    do your best to not let her get you down. you are a beautiful person in every way possible.

    Love you