Monday, November 12, 2012

Low Carb Diet and Neurofibromatosis?

This is an opinion based blog post.  
All results are varied and unique to you.
Please seek a doctors advice before beginning a diet / exercise program. 

Winter 2011 
(200-something pounds)

I started 2012 out FAT.  Well....I've always technically been fat...But when I stepped on the scale in February, I didn't have a pregnancy to blame for the number that came up on the scale.

Our church began the F.A.S.T. program - So my weight was now a matter of public records and I couldn't have felt more ashamed.  Thoughts of Middle School came flooding back.  My gym teacher had everyone step on the scale- for "PHYSICAL FITNESS MONTH".

All the girls peeking their heads to get a look at how much everyone weighed....And I was first in line. 
"God - Save me from this torture!"

I was laughed at.  I was called every fat name in the book....And now that the other girls knew my actual weight....I was called "Buck-Fifty", which thankfully, not everyone understood.

20 years later...
I was MUCH MORE than "buck-fifty", and I had excused my weight on anything I could find...KIDS, STRESS and even having Neurofibromatosis.  I've lost and gained weight many times and felt awesome when I'd shed the pounds...I even got a my lowest point ever, just before I found out I was pregnant with my now 7 yr old son.... But the pounds always came back and so did the excuses.

Growing up, my weight has been like a coat of armor--It protected me from boys liking me...It made it so my bumps weren't so obvious...So, in my own little way, I actually preferred being fat.  And as an adult, it had become accepted...Normal.

It wasn't until I became a mother, that I realized how much being fat was affecting everything in my life.  And when that number popped up on the scale in February 2012, I was hit with the realization, that my armor MUST come off, if I was ever going to be truly happy.

I began with seeing my doctor....And when THAT scale, confirmed what the other scale said....I KNEW it was time to change my life!  I had a physical and blood work done, and was given the "OK" to begin my new life!

That day...My husband and I began low-carbing. 
I have researched low-carb diets and tumor growth and have found conflicting information, so I decided to keep track myself and note any differences with my current tumors and/or growth of new ones.

Here's what I found.  Low-carbing has had NO SIGNIFICANT affect on my NF.  If anything, my tumors actually seem smaller than they were BEFORE the diet.

Here's another cool side affect of Low-carbing....

I've lost more than 70 pounds!

Fall 2012
Down 70+ pounds!

I can't express how much better I feel...I have joined a gym and get there as often as my busy life will allow me....And I am DONE with excuses.  I am DONE with wearing armor.

If I am going to SPEAK a THRIVING attitude....I am going to LIVE a THRIVING attitude!

I still have about 25-30 more pounds to lose...And it's happening. :)

If you want to THRIVE....You have to get up and JUST DO IT!  You can't give excuses, because there will ALWAYS be a 'good reason' for not doing something.

Typical Day
Breakfast- 2-3 Eggs with Salsa and a sprinkle of cheese
Lunch- Spinach salad with tuna, hard boiled egg and a low carb ranch dressing, broccoli, and a sprinkle of cheese
Dinner- Chicken breast with skin, side salad, hard boiled egg 

Depends on the day
Walking to and from the school- Twice a day
Gym 30 min on treadmill
Kettle Bells-100
Bike 20 min


  1. Wow - great post! Congratulations on the success you have seen so far.

  2. Proud of you Kristi!

  3. That is amazing!! So proud of you!! If you can do it with all you have going on in your life that I have no excuses. I need to get my butt in gear. :)

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  5. I like giving advice so here goes. My mom was very much over wieght and she had breast reduction surgery at kaiser in bellflower ca and was paid for by insurance do to a medical excuse she found. she lost a bit of wieght from that but did over the years gain some of it back. maybe a surgical option could help you miss hopkins. I tried a slim fast diet and lost a few my selfs gotta love those chocolate shakes.

    1. Thanks anyway Ford. I've lost 75 pounds WITHOUT surgery....Don't think I'll be headed for the knife anytime soon.

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  7. That is awesome Kristi! I've started my journey over this year on low carb. I'm down almost 12 lbs. Low carb is what's worked best for me. I started my blog to keep me accountable.