Wednesday, April 15, 2020


My "last day" of work was March 20th...Which means, we have been quarantined for ALMOST a month.  Time flies when ure....

Nope....Not having fun!

Isolation sucks.  Period.

With 6 other people...I'm not really "Isolated"...Like ALONE...But Alone, together, if that makes any sense at all.  Wow....I can tell I haven't been OUT very much!

It's kinda weird...When you have ALL-THE-TIME-IN-THE-WORLD to do things....How busy you become. 

How are YOU doing in isolation?

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  1. As a person with Neuro fibromatosis myself I am very stur crazy. Ihave gone no more than half a mile from my home in 3 months. Hundreds of young and middle aged people with developmentally and physically disabilities and serious medical issues have sadly died from this virus but only old farts get media attention related to their death and risk of it.