Monday, December 28, 2009

Motivational Monday

Back to the Eye Doctor

The hussle and bussle of Christmas is over and we must now get back to "normal". Strange isn't it, that we spend so much time and energy on a day that passes like all the rest?

We had an amazing Christmas! The gifts that poured in were amazing! I don't know if anyone who gave to our family reads this blog, but I wanted to thank them anyway....The amazing lesson you teach, by giving and blessing others, is priceless! God Bless you!

Today, Rachel and I get to go back to Dr Shae. Rachel will have her vision tested again, to see if there are any changes. Today, I will not worry about the results....I will simply hold Rachel's hand, and walk to this appointment bravely, just as she does (She actually runs, skips and gallops) She isn't afraid of these results. Rachel just faces life bravely and moves on.

So today, I am letting Rachel take the lead.

For those that don't know, Neurofibromatosis, has affected Rachel's vision....but not with an Optic Glioma. Rachel has a brain tumor on the basal gangelia (we are still learning what all this means, but so far we are learning it means Rachel's vision in her left eye is very poor)

We go in to the Pediatric Ophthalmologist every 3 months to check on Rachel's vision...The last visit, showed no changes to her vision....the 2 times before that, showed significant changes...So today, we face the unknown.

But just as Rachel holds onto that hope, every single day, I hold onto it too. I know that whatever the outcome is for our day today, we still have our HOPE to build our dreams on.

I love you Rachel!

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