Thursday, September 15, 2011

Say What!?

Have you ever said something, that you wish you could take back?  Put words out there that were insensitive, or just downright mean?

I have this neighbor, who approaches me, every few months, to try to sell me on her "special oils", that she tells me have cured, even the most aggressive of cancers.  "If you would just buy a few of my oils, I know your daughter's brain tumor would go away." she tells me.

Really?  Gee...If your oils cured cancer, then why the heck aren't you a bazillionaire, living in some mansion?  If your oils cured cancer...why isn't there a line around the block, ready to purchase your product?

The thing that people don't realize, is that Bailey doesn't have cancer.  She has a brain tumor, caused by Neurofibromatosis.  No oils, or special food, is going to take it away.  The only way to "cure" Bailey's NF, would be to have caught it before it reached her chromosomes....meaning, at conception.

But in saying that, it doesn't take away the fact that Bailey's brain tumor is very serious.  It's in a spot, where even taking a biopsy is considered too risky.  A spot that if it grows much more it could have a significant affect on her cognitive skills and personality.

My neighbor told me a few weeks ago, that I must not truly want Bailey "cured", because I have chosen to not purchase her oils.  *Hold me back*  I couldn't believe it!  I tried to explain to this woman, that her oils could not cure Neurofibromatosis...and she kept insisting they would.

I asked her, if she had any oils to cure down syndrome....or muscular dystrophy.  Her answer..."No, of course not."  She seems to think that NF is some kind of infection, and all I need to do, is rub some cream or oils on my skin and I will be "fixed"...Then maybe, just maybe, I'll live up to her idea of perfection.

I know that most people just want to help...They want to provide some "fix" for Neurofibromatosis....But what I would love, would be for people to stop trying to fix us.  We aren't broken...We aren't diseased ridden...We are wonderfully made, in the eyes of God.

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  1. Oh Kristi, Bless your heart. I know it takes a lot of patience to keep from strangling that woman. The sad thing is, it sounds like she doesn't care about you, but her product. What a sad, sad woman.