Thursday, September 22, 2011

There With Care!

Early last school year, my daughter Riley, gave a quick presentation in front of her 4th grade classroom. She told the story of our family, and how her older sister Bailey was diagnosed with a brain tumor, that required chemotherapy.  Riley also briefly explained what Neurofibromatosis was...and how the disorder affected others in her family.

A few days later, Riley's teacher caught up with me on the playground of the school.  She quietly asked me questions about NF; what it is exactly, can it be cured, what treatments are available, why chemotherapy etc.  She then asked me if I had ever heard of a company called 'There with Care'....

When she explained what this company was, and what they do for people...I honestly blew it off.  I thought..."We aren't one of those families."  The teacher gave me a pamphlet, and told me that I should really look into signing up.

Over the next few months, we got word that Bailey's tumor had DOUBLED in size, despite weekly chemotherapy treatments.  A change in chemo, and countless complications from doing that followed.

One day, I was cleaning up around the desk, and the pamphlet the teacher gave to me months before fell to the ground.  I went to my computer and typed in the website  and began reading.  Countless stories of children and families dealing with cancers, or other life altering illnesses, filled my heart with so much sorrow.

As I continued reading, I realized that, we ARE one of those families.

Hospital stays, blood draws, port access, fevers, nausea/vomiting, hair loss, weight loss....We were dealing with something very serious, that not only affected Bailey, but the ENTIRE family as well.  So I began a letter to MaryBeth, the program coordinator.

A wonderful e-mail returned asking me for more details about our family and her offer of different things that could help our family.  Hesitant to accept, but graciously appreciative, I told MaryBeth I would call her about the offer she gave to our family.

Two days later SHE called me to check on our family.  I was emotional and stressed and she gently pressed me to tell her what was happening....I told her about our van not starting, and the mess of complications Bailey was experiencing from the chemotherapy.  She offered a quick fix for our van and told me she signed us up for a delivery of pre-made meals.

There with Care has truly been THERE with CARE.  A few days ago we saw yet another reason this company exists.   Our 2nd car, died...The fuel pump went out, and left Rich stranded a few miles away from home.  A gracious 'good samaritan' helped push the car to a parking lot and a friend drove Rich home... Then the worry about HOW we were going to get the car fixed followed.

There with Care came to the rescue.  They towed the car and delivered it to Wolf's Auto Care in Boulder. This auto place donates their time and experience to There with Care to help families who don't have many connections or options.

The car we take to and from chemotherapy was fixed within hours and given back to us.  I was so impressed with how quickly and wonderfully the issue was dealt with.

There with Care gives without asking anything in return.  They help because they see a need.  They give because they know it makes a difference.

Our family would like to show its heartfelt appreciation to this company for everything they have done!  You have helped us see that when help is needed, there are "Super Heroes" that come just in time!

This organization would not exist without donations and support from various contributors...So I would like to thank them too!  If you would like to donate in any way, please go to 

Thrive On!

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  1. Wow....there are so many companies out there willing to help families it's amazing. Glad they were able to help.