Thursday, May 28, 2015


I don't even know what to think....Or how to process this.  So I am going to try and write this out.  Maybe ...JUST MAYBE it will help sort out how I am feeling.  Probably not tho. Sometimes...REALLY CRAPPY things happen....And there is no way to make sense out of them.

The picture above is of a house.  A house that belonged to a very good friend of ours.  A home that this friend opened up to my family....When my family had no where else to go.

Terry Canfield was Rich's friend -- I think they met through Toastmasters.

In 2008....Terry invited our ENTIRE family to come stay with him.  In HIS house....While he moved into his trailer.  No strings.   

Just a selfless act, to help us get back onto out feet.

We lived with Terry for about 20 months...And during that time got to know just how genuine our friendship was.

Terry never once asked for anything in return.

Yesterday morning, Rich called me downstairs to tell me that the house we lived in was destroyed by fire...And that it was very likely that Terry, his wife and her son, all died.

Just like that.

I never experienced tragedy like this...So all of these feelings I am feeling are new. I can't begin to express the emotions that are racing through me.

Terry was a firefighter....HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?

An investigation is ongoing....And this case has turned into a homicide....Which just makes all of these feelings even more confusing!


I have asked God this question more times than I care to admit.  But honestly....WHY?

The lives we touch while we are alive -- You truly never know the impact....Sometimes, until after death....

Terry....I wish I could have shown you more appreciation, for the sacrifice you made for our family. You were a true friend.  And I will miss you.

Pay attention to how you live your life.  Take it slow.  Soak it all up.  Cherish your loved ones.  Pay it forward.  LOVE Deeply.  Give generously.


RIP Terry, Lisa and John

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